She fought.

She struggled.

She kicked and bit.

But he was bigger, stronger, and faster.  He bit harder, and his slaps stung like a bitch.

The wrestling, the flailing and struggling, the tangle of sweaty, slippery arms and legs all ended abruptly as he threw her, face first, on to the bed.  Straddling the small of her back, pinning her arms to her sides, and her upper body down with one big hand between her shoulder blades, he rested a moment.  Drew breath.

Still she struggled and kicked her legs, though her thrashings were muted as she could barely move her torso.  Turning her head to the side and panting, she regarded him balefully from the corner of her eye.  An eye that slid closed as his other hand palmed, and then squeezed her ass cheek, travelling slowly down.  She held her legs together, but hadn’t the strength to resist his probing fingers as they travelled down between her thighs and found her slippery and heated.

He chuckled at her moan as he slid two fingers into her slick cunt, and began to work her juices along her outer lips and between the cheeks of her ass.  There was plenty there for him to work with.

Soon enough, his hand and her core were coated and ready.

He wrapped his fist in her hair and, in one smooth move, swung his leg from over her back, pulling her up on to her hands and knees by her hair, and his fingers buried deep inside of her.

She moaned again, all the fight in her now replaced by need.  As he continued to fuck her with his fingers, she sank her upper body to the bed, pushing her ass up, presenting herself.

Begging with her posture.

As he slid one well-lubed thumb into her asshole, and began fingerfucking both holes at once, a strong pull on her thick hair bent her like a bow, pulling her head up and her ass up more.

Her last coherent thought was fierce joy that she’d decided to grow her hair again.  For him.

With a rush of savage pleasure, she screamed out her first orgasm of the night.