the people, animals and things in my life

H or W:  my husband, who is a far, far better wordsmith than i will ever be, who gets uncomfortable when i list the many reasons why i love him, and who puts up with a hell of a lot.  i have yet to work out why.  he won’t tell me.

ss#1: stepson number 1, who made me a grandmother at age 33 (technically step-grandmother, but still…).  i was not amused.

sdil: stepdaughter-in-law. mother of aforementioned stepgrandchild. they’re not married, but who the hell needs to be, these days?

ss#2: stepson number 2, the middle child, who currently lives with us and works at the same place as his dad.

sd: stepdaughter.  this girl rocks. hard.  i wish i’d had half her gumption when i was her age.

k: Kate. aka The Most Wonderful Woman In The World.  best friend and instrument of me meeting Neil Gaiman.

Rosie: aka @miss_rosie aka Rosanna Silverlight.  talented writer, NaNoWriMo-er and (full disclosure) good friend.

Red: aka @HRHPrincessCat fellow shoe fetishist, likewise talented writer, NaNoWriMo-er and good friend.

Max: aka #TehLiteraryKitteh.  beloved and soft-as-grease feline companion.

Ruby and Winnie: our chickens wot live in (read: rule/destroy) our garden

Talulah: our 1974 VW T2 camper van, who took us to the south of France and back, and will therefore be forever beloved.

Isobel: our first and therefore forever beloved (and sadly missed) high-top VW T25 camper van.

Little V: our stout and trusty little ford fiesta van

i’ll add others as they show their faces/beaks/grilles/whatever