my head’s in an odd place.  and i was listening to Elbow.  again.

 Love will find you out.

Hide where you will, it will find you.  The pharaohs couldn’t hide, in their labyrinthine death-trap monuments to the power of the master builder.  The beetles and crawling creatures found them, the spades of man exposed them.  The books of scholars worshipped them.  The creature of the sphinx’s riddle, even when he walks on three legs in the evening of his life, cannot escape its incessant, relentless arrows.

Love will find you out, wherever you hide.  Whether it is love of you, or for you, you are never, ever safe.  You are built for it.  You are built to suffer the pleasure, to revel in the pain it brings, until its fire consumes us, one way or another, leaving us as ashes to be blown by its whimsical winds.  We may think we are different.

You may think you are different.

But we are all made of the same stardust.  As is every flower grown by the grace and miracle of nature.  As is every building grown by the grace and miracle of geometry and chemistry and physics.

We are all the same.  Each, in our own way.